Why You Should Consider Juicing

benefits of juicing

With a wide array of fruits and vegetables available at your local farmer’s market or grocery star, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the goodness of fresh produce into your diet. Juicing is one such way to take advantage of what nature has to offer. Drinking different combinations of fresh juice is not only good for you, but it helps keeps things from getting boring. So why should you get a new juicer for your kitchen?

Advantages of Juicing

First, it is convenient. Instead of spending hours during the day grazing on fruits and vegetables like a farm animal, you can have a freshly made glass of juice in just a matter of minutes. You can either visit a juice bar and have it made for you, or you can make it yourself in your own kitchen. A days worth of nutrients can fit into just one glass to be easily consumed. Our bodies are basically juicers. We eat different foods, our body digests it taking out the liquid vitamins and minerals, and it discards the hard stuff. By juicing, we are basically eliminating the middleman. It is still good to eat the daily fruit or vegetable for the dietary fiber, but you do not have consume large amounts. The benefits of juicing are numerous, but it also tastes great.

Getting Started

If you do not live in a big city it may be a drive to go to the nearest juice bar. There are maps for those that live in bigger metro areas, like Los Angeles and New York City, to help you find the closest establishments that will make you juice from scratch. If the nearest place is too far away then getting your own juicer is a great alternative, besides it will be more economical in the long run.

How Big Of An Investment Is Juicing?

To be honest, juicing is not going to be a cheap endeavor. You will have to purchase a juice machine plus fresh produce, usually on a weekly basis. It adds up. But there are a few things that you can do when shopping for a juicer to help bring down the cost.

  • Don’t Buy Cheap – Getting a super inexpensive machine is just going to end up costing you more money in the long run. They are not as efficient, meaning that they don’t extract the maximum amount of juice possible. This will end up being a waste as you throw out chunks of unjuiced pulp. Second, they usually do not produce a good experience as they will typically be unstable, be harder to clean, and in the end you will not want to use it any more.
  • Buy Quality – Purchasing a high quality machine will help make everything less of a hassle plus it will end up producing more juice yield so that you get the most juice out of the fruits and vegetables that you put into it. You can read the top juicer reviews of 2015 to see which juice extractors rank best with users. Any of the top juicers should be handle a wide variety of different foods with high juice yield.
  • Find Farmers Markets – You need produce in order to juice, and these are usually going to have a wider variety and better prices than your local grocery store. This is a great way to drop the price of juicing at home.

What Kind of Juicer Should I Get?

This depends on how you intend to juice and what are the most important criteria for you. There is no one juice machine that is perfect for every person. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The two main types of machines are centrifugal and masticating and if you go looking to buy a new juicer you will most likely be choosing between these two. Here is a quick breakdown of both.

  • Centrifugal – Fast and loud with a little less juice yield. These machines are perfect for folks who are always in a hurry. Quick, simple juicing.
  • Masticating – Slower and a lot quieter with better juice yield. The juice has a little more pulp in it and these machines are normally a little more expensive. The juice, however, is slightly more nutrient dense.

Either type of juice extractor that you choose will greatly improve your diet, so do not worry about choosing the wrong one. Just get one that is within your budget and has some of the more important features that you think you may get the most use out of and don’t look back. Now matter what zip code you live in, you can always benefit from improving your diet and taking care of yourself and juicing is a quick and simple way to that just that.